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Change your life on purpose

You have the power to create the choices you truly desire in your life. 

Do you feel any Magic in your life? Are you looking to create more happiness, prosperity and abundance? Do you want to work beyond the old hurts of yesterday and operate from your Authentic and Divine Heart?

Renee has helped hundreds of people move from the tired, old and mundane to a magnificent life of passion and purpose!


Heart Circle

1st Monday of each month
7:00pm - 8:30pm
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Align With The Divine Blessing Prayer Request Do you have a special prayer request that you would like a daily blessing on? For 7 days I will perform the Align With The Divine Blessing on your request. more information


Individual mentoring

Appointment times available



  How to change your life in 3 minutes
Bring happiness into your life





Renee Babkiewich   PO Box 100787, Denver, CO 80250   

  303-903-0761 business hours

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