Renee moved me from “rational-lies” to living from my intuition. She has taught me how to live life from the Heart and my Authentic Self. It is because of Renee, that I now have new ways to think and approach challenges in my life. I’ve found that I’ve come to a greater personal awakening and I no longer recognize the person that I used to be. I am so grateful for all of her help and guidance – name with held for privacy reasons

Play is definitely the operative word for Renee.
  Even though sometimes we have gone into the Dark Night of the Soul, Rene quickly pulled me back out and rekindled the love and light in my Soul. Renee taught me that emotions can be juicy and good, even the scary ones... as long as you keep an open mind and the emotions flowing. Peg Rose Kentucky

We took a group of business leaders to our corporate retreat.  

Renee Babkiewich walked us through a positive training exercise, which helped our team building skills and what it really takes to make a positive, lasting attitude changes.  She taught us not only what to do, but how to do it.  She offered insights on how to level up and cultivate your passions with the right actions.

Ray& Judy Eddleman, Team National

Renee Babkiewich, beloved wise woman, you worked with me on my spirit, body and mind. You have assisted me in healing both recent and distant trauma.
 Your abilities to see into my deeper being, border on the truly empathic, not only recognizing the pain and joy but showing me how to deal with and how to let go of the effects of death, betrayal, and loss.

I like to think of myself as a spiritual person. I have been a student of theology much of my life. Delving into and studying:  Christianity, Eastern, Native American religion and religion and philosophy, meditation and searching. I have spent countless joyous hours in groups, and one on one in intercourse with leaders / teachers, with driving  need to learn and understand. I guess with the intent to heal as well.  There was something always lacking, an inner peace, something was blocking my ability to find the peace I believed was possible. Renee helped me see the parts of me that were standing in my own way in the attempt to obtain the goal. She has shown me the rubble I have left and or created in my own path allowing me to clear much of it. Though it is an ongoing process, at this point, I have to pause and give thanks. Renee, from the depth of my soul, THANK YOU.
K.O. Durango, CO

Last night’s Heart Circle was my first of what will be many more to come. I AM present in this life. And I know this first hand based on the love, compassion and strength of spirit that is shared within the Heart Circle. As a ‘new-be’ in my own spiritual journey I found the Heart Circle to be a safe and supportive outlet for sharing in the human condition. I’ll be back for sure…this is simply ‘good stuff’. Who couldn’t benefit from shared connectedness and abundance of love that we all have within? The Heart Circle is a wonderful vehicle to share, trust and love – and in so doing, experiencing what it truly means to feel alive. Sean M

Tim and I have been married for 14 years and always knew that there are various paths to expand our spiritual awareness.  We have been searching for spiritual growth and opening ourselves to various practices since we met. Tim was raised in Protestant Church and I was raised in the Catholic Church.  We have practiced Native American spirituality for most of our life together, and we have opened ourselves to some of the new age ways.  Many answers have come to us but our search continues.  When we met Renee Babkiewich we realized that our lives were meant to cross.   She showed us that her heart is open to everyone who is willing to climb the higher paths to spiritual awareness. Renee opened new avenues for our spiritual growth to expand. We have always been taught to hold ourselves in a higher plane.  Renee helped us realize that being grounded is just as important to complete the connection between the earth and the heavens. She guides our questions so we find the answers through ourselves. She gently and wisely guides group discussions through mediation and open conversation so that everyone has their own understanding of their place in God’s plan. S.B. Westminster, CO

I had questions on the Chakras. I asked Renee to teach me to understand what the Chakras are and how they affect me. Renee’s knowledge allowed me to experience the opening of my Chakras and become the source of light between the earth and heavens. I have many questions about who I am and what my lives purpose is. Renee has opened the door for me to help answer those questions. She has changed my life, beliefs and spiritual understanding. She has encourages me to keep searching for my spiritual awaking. Renee is one who practices what she teaches. T.B. Westminster, CO



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